Thursday, June 21, 2012

Putting in the plants

Three guys from my church's mens group came over Wednesday night and put in the plants and spread the bark dust. My neighbor Jeff and Sarah helped out as well. We are so happy to have this part done. It looks so nice!

Night lighting

Brenden and I put in the night lights and got them all fired up. They turned out good and Brenden did a great job of wiring them up.

Putting down the sod

Last Friday my brother and some of his kids and some of my kids and my neighbor Jeff, helped put the sod down and finish building one of the garden boxes. It was a beautiful day and I got more color from the sun then I did when I was in Hawaii. Oregon Turf and Tree Farms donated 1500 square feet of sod. They are the company that I have been getting sod and trees from since the mid 80's. They were very excited to help out. My brother (Kevin) worked his tail off. He even final racked the soil better then he would normally do because he knows that that was my area of expertise, and I'm very picky. Way to go Kevin! You did a great job! I don't think I could have done any better.

Update 6/19/12

A few weeks ago a few guys from Home Depot came out and set some fence posts and some posts for some raised garden boxes. I waited to post this until now because they were going to come back and finish it up but they haven't made it back yet so I will post what I have.